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The life of an Eskimo in a snow desert is basically the same routine as a life of an average man: he also wakes up in the morning, has breakfast and starts his deer (instead of a car). His wife with a baby on her hands never fails to scold him for something. And then... he is off to solve the quest.


Shaman’s Quest is a series of stories about an Eskimo guy called Took, who solves usual problems by unusual means. Being neighbors with a giant pelican, surviving the attack of a huge mammoth, global warming, dealing with a snowman, moving to a new iceberg - this is Took’s everyday routine. His deer and tambourine help him survive through these troubles and keep his wool on. In worst-case scenarios there is also a hypno-shaman who lives on a mountain and who can rescue Took.


Took has no fear for snow storms, freezing cold or wild animals. These entire things extreme for a common person are just improvised means for Took. He finds an uncommon use for anything he finds.
Took’s wife
Took's wife is a one-of-a-kind woman. Having a strong maternal instinct, she keeps lulling the baby all the time. If she has something else in her hands, she instinctively lulls it also.
Penguins are the largest tribe at the edge of the world. Penguins are tickle, curious and interested in everything, especially round objects, which they look for everywhere. They think any round object is an egg.