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«Kit^n^Kate» is a special kind of educational cartoon for pre-school kids, packed with fun, adventure and important life lessons. It's a smart little show from some of the cartoonists and writers behind Sesame Street, the video game Cut The Rope and DreamWorks' Shrek 2, Madagascar and many others. Sweet stories of Kit and Kate help parents through a game show their kids how to solve even the most twisted kiddy problems. Each episode of Kit and Kate features both a key social-emotional lesson for preschoolers and a cognitive lesson in an area such as counting, colors, or shapes.




Two small kitties named Kit and Kate love their toy box. As soon as they hop inside, magic starts to happen. Kids’ imagination transforms their room into a blueberry island, race track or a medieval castle. Every time the kitties create a whole new world with amazing discoveries, surprises and not-so-easy-to-solve dilemmas! In each episode the kitties meet a mysterious stranger who always happens to be their Mom or Dad in disguise.  The stranger helps the kids to solve all the puzzles and enjoy even the bumpiest ride.


Kit is a by the books kitten who has no trouble being a "good kid". He has a much easier time sticking to a plan than his sister, Kate. But when things don't go the way he was expecting, Kit can lose his cool, and his kid-feelings come out.
Kate is naturally whimsical, with a mischievous streak. She can easily find fun all around her, and surprises usually delight her. But Kate's also very easily distracted, which often throws their day's adventure a curve ball.
An artist who loves to feed the imagination of her kids and play along in their adventures. She's always right outside the playroom for when Kit and Kate need her to lend a hand.
A good-humored doctor who's a bit absent minded and clumsy, but very loving. He may not be perfect, but he knows how to laugh at himself.
Quick, Quack and Quake often accompany the kittens on their journeys, adding the fun and comedy.