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Qumi-Qumi galaxy is a picturesque world with a slight resemblance to Earth which is inhabited by three tribes living on three different islands. The tribes - Jumi-Qumi, Yumi-Qumi and Shumi-Qumi have different looks and lifestyles and don’t have common grounds. They even have different political systems and evolution stages. Jumi-Qumi is a primitive civilization governed by their Leader. Yumi-Qumi is a high-developed democratic society, while Shumi-Qumi live in a military regime with the General as a chief. However, certain representatives of different tribes do interact - and it comes out funny and unexpected!


Juga (from the Jumi-Qumi tribe)
This guy is a big cheat and laughing-stock. Used to thinking after doing something or not thinking at all. He knows witchcraft but mixes the spells all the time. Juga mostly uses his magic spear for getting food. But Juga’s main crush is Yusi. He is ready to do really crazy stuff to attract her attention. And sometimes his heart speaks louder that his conscience.
Shumadan (from the Shumi-Qumi tribe)
He is a charming bumpkin, a grown-up kid, a goody-goody giant. Unlike his co-tribesmen, Shumadan doesn’t enjoy playing with weapons and taking part in marches. He has a kit-bag where you can basically find anything. He is a calm, phlegmatic, shy and feeble guy. Shumadan would rather stay offended than start a conflict. However, if his friends get into trouble, he is not hesitant anymore. Especially if it’s his crush Yusi who needs help.
Yusi (from the Yumi-Qumi tribe)
A smart beauty who loves sports. Yusi is adventurous and loves nature. She is good at technical stuff. She always has her laptop and photo camera around. Yusi got bored in her tribe so now her best friends are a lame magician and a dreamy military guy. She is having hard times trying to figure out who she loves more and flirts with both.